Day In-Day Out

Amy Brese, Her journey to becoming Cambridge finalist

Episode Summary

Hello, my friends, my life warriors, I hope you are having a good day today on the podcast I had the pleasure of having Amy Brese, a British-Ghanaian, is a recent graduate having just completed her Philosophy degree at the University of Cambridge. She served as President of TEDxCambridgeUniversity and was ranked #3 in the UK's top 150 Future leaders publication owed to her pursuit in a number of different projects related to her passions in leadership, social impact, and business. She is an avid fighter and supporter of diversity and inclusion and was the 2019 recipient of the Miranda Brawn Leadership and Diversity award. When she is not doing all these things, she can likely be found baking! So please enjoy the podcast and stay safe, stay well, be awesome, and please take a moment to tell a friend and subscribe.

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