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Carrie-Lynn Hotson - Job hunting, Leadership and personal responsibility

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Hello, my friends, my life warriors! I do hope you are having a fantastic day. Today on the podcast I was fortunate to have on Carrie-Lynn Hotson is a Certified Human Resources Leader accreditation (CHRL) and is a graduate of Interest-Based Mediation training. She has 25 years of experience as a coach, facilitator, and leader, including seven years as a senior human resources manager with extensive experience addressing workplace issues and organisational challenges. Hotson’s expertise in interviewing, onboarding, and training informed her interview coaching business, What Hotson gleaned from meeting candidates, learning about their skills and abilities, and gaining insight into why they are seeking to leave their current employment has been integrated into her book, Knowing Who You Lead. These key lessons will help current and future leaders empower, engage, and retain employees. Hotson has now expanded her services to include the coaching and mentoring of leaders in her second business We talked about many different topics, from the different tactics people can use to find jobs, personal responsibility and Leadership. So please enjoy the podcast and stay safe, stay well, be awesome, and please take a moment to tell a friend and subscribe.

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