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J Stamatelos from Counter-Terrorism to coaching people to control there fears

Episode Summary

Hello, my friends, my life warriors! Good day to us all this is the last Friday of November how quickly this year has gone. Today on the podcast I was delighted to have James “J” Stamatelos graduate from the Duquesne University coaching program in May of 2013. Since that time, he has helped countless individuals – especially men – replace chronic insecurity and shame with a sense of internal peace and grounded confidence. J specializes in helping people break out of what he calls “anxious insecurity,” or the chronic feeling of not being “enough” regardless of how much we achieve. This was his battle as well. Plagued by intense self-loathing, this issue nearly cost him his life. He had a unique journey to this work. Before coaching, J worked in emergency response and counter-terrorism. Struck by the events of 9/11, which took place when he was 15 years old, J was convinced stopping radicalization and violence was the best way to help his community. After getting multiple degrees in the field he went on to work for the City of Pittsburgh Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security and Region 13 Counter-Terrorism Fusion Center. We talked about many topics how he got into Counter-Terrorism, his rock-bottom moment in his life and how he found coaching.

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