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Jim Edwards - The secrets of being a great manager

Episode Summary

Hello, my friends, my life warriors! Happy Tuesday to us all, we live in a world of changes and change comes to us all. Today on the podcast I was delighted to have a good friend Jim Edwards, who is the former editor-in-chief of Insider's news division and the founding editor of Business Insider UK. He has also been a managing editor at Adweek, and a Knight-Bagehot Fellow at the Columbia Business School. His work has appeared in Slate, Salon, The Independent, The Nation and on AOL and MTV. He won the Neal award for business journalism in 2005 for a series investigating bribes and kickbacks in the advertising business. We talked about a number of things, from his working at Insider, we also talked about his book and why he decided to write it, we also talked about America’s worst-ever pizza restaurant as a model of good leadership and so much more.

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