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Lizbeth Meredith author, speaker, with a powerful life story

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Hello, my friends, my life warriors! Happy Tuesday, to you all I do hope you are doing well. Today on the podcast I was delighted to have Lizbeth Meredith who is an award-winning author, speaker, and online teacher and coach living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her memoir, Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters is now a Lifetime television movie, Stolen By Their Father. Lizbeth provides coaching for those grounded in grit, ready turn their past challenges into their superpowers rather than merely “get through them.” She proudly served crime victims and offenders for 30 years in Alaska. In her off- time, she enjoys movies at the theater, talking with podcast guests at Persistence U with Lizbeth, and Facetime chats with her adult daughters and grand-pets. We talked about many things about her childhood and also why she ended up in Alaska, we also talked about her TV movie, book and so much more!

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