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Minter Dial - The welcome return of the Bohemian

Episode Summary

Hello, my friends, my life warriors! How are we doing today? Today on the podcast is a welcome return of Minter Dial first came on the podcast on episode 72 and then came back on episode 117 but the is if you have not listened to or watched those episodes this is some things about him Minter Dial is a professional speaker, storyteller, consultant and veteran executive, with a 16-year high-profile career at L’Oréal. He is a specialist on leadership, branding and new technologies. He’s regularly cited as a major brand influencer and has published four award-winning books, including Futureproof, (Pearson 2017) and You Lead (Kogan Page 2021), both of which won Business Book Awards. He received his BA in Trilingual Literature from Yale University and his MBA from INSEAD. So please enjoy the podcast and stay safe, stay well, be awesome, and please take a moment to tell a friend and subscribe.

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